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Welcome to The Hub School


Our aim at The Hub School is to give students a broad and balanced knowledge of key aspects of the Humanities curriculum. We want to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding they need to become rounded, well informed individuals. Opening student’s eyes to both the geographical world around them and historical events/eras that have shaped the world they live in today will help give them the confidence and knowledge to progress in the future.

Our curriculum aims to build an enthusiasm for a subject some have never studied and to help them understand their place in society and the wider world. This is paramount to raising student’s aspirations and awareness of the opportunities available to them. The blended curriculum of Geography, History and Religious education focuses on making students positive and respected global citizens.

There will be significant opportunities in this subject to further develop the literacy and numeracy skills we know are vital for our students. As well as literacy and numeracy opportunities there will students will also be utilising and learning key IT skills throughout the curriculum in KS3.

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