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Welcome to The Hub School


At The Hub School, we understand that mathematical and numeracy skills are key to being able to operate successfully and make the most of opportunities throughout life. Functional numeracy enables students to succeed in all areas of the school curriculum, often improving self-esteem and attitudes towards learning.

We are committed to celebrating and supporting the mathematical abilities of all our students within every maths lesson that we teach. The range of topics that we teach covers a wide variety from the National Maths Curriculum.


The students in Key Stage 3 are taught topics from all five main areas of Maths. ‘Number, Calculating and Algebra’ make up the key areas of the subject that we deliver whilst focus is given to a comprehensive range of topics in ‘Geometry and Measures’ and ‘Statistics’ over the course of an academic year.

All students in Key Stage 3 are encouraged to make progress in the subject via lessons that are differentiated to meet the needs of every child at the school. We use a variety of resources to help students hone their mathematical and numeracy skills on problem solving and functional tasks across each area of the subject. Each student in Key Stage 3 will have the opportunity to complete the AQA Entry Level Certificate in Mathematics before they progress onto Key Stage 4


It is our aim that all students are to gain accreditation at the highest level appropriate to their ability.

At KS4 students will work towards the AQA GCSE in Mathematics, and/or the AQA Functional Skills qualification at Level 1 or 2.

Key Stage 4 students continue to have access to Maths lessons from the entire breadth of the National Curriculum for Mathematics. Lessons are differentiated for all abilities and students have the opportunity to apply their learning to problem solving and functional tasks as well as receiving appropriate practice on examination style questioning.

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