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Welcome to The Hub School


At The Hub school, we believe that students need to have the opportunity to explore, discover and learn through doing.  We aim to give them access to a curriculum that will motivate and enthuse them to learn and provide key skills to develop enquiring minds.  We want to help students to become aware of their surroundings and understand everyday life situations through scientific eyes.

It is our aim that all students will experience a range of science concepts through Biology, Chemistry and Physics topics to promote Science as a subject and help the students form an understanding of Science careers.

At The Hub School, we pride ourselves on making Science as hands on as possible.  From using microscopes, to exploring chemicals and building models, we feel that practical Science develops creative thinking and a clear structure for promoting Literacy and Numeracy skills into Science.  

Key Stage 3:  BEST Evidence Science Teaching


  • The cellular basis of life
  • Heredity and life cycles
  • Organisms and their environments
  • Variation adaptation and evolution
  • Health and disease

 CHEMISTRY and Earth Science

  • Substances and properties
  • Particles and structure
  • Chemical reactions
  • Earth Chemistry
  • Dynamic Earth


  • Matter
  • Forces and motion
  • Sound, light and waves
  • Electricity & magnetism
  • Earth and space

Best Evidence Science Teaching (BEST) is a collection of resources that have been developed from the best available research evidence on common misunderstandings in science, effective diagnostic questioning and formative assessment, constructivist approaches to building understanding, and effective sequencing of key concepts. Key concepts in science provide:

  • appropriately-sequenced steps for learning progression
  • diagnostic questions to reveal preconceptions and common misunderstandings
  • response activities to challenge misunderstandings and encourage conceptual development

 Key Stage 4

It is our aim that all students are to gain accreditation at the highest level appropriate to their ability.

All students will work towards either the AQA GCSE Dual Award Synergy Qualification or the AQA GCSE Biology qualification

The Synergy Curriculum includes:

  • Atomic Structure
  • Cells
  • Photosynthesis
  • The Periodic Table
  • Lifestyle & Health
  • Radiation & Risk
  • Forces & Motion
  • Acids & Alkalis
  • Ecosystems & Biodiversity
  • The Earth & Atmosphere

The Biology Curriculum Includes

  • Cell Biology
  • Organisation
  • Infection and response
  • Bioenergetics
  • Homeostasis and response
  • Inheritance, variation and evolution
  • Ecology

All students follow a program of study that is, informed by the National Curriculum and exam board syllabi. In addition to studying a wide range of concepts, the curriculum is supplemented by, a huge range of practical activities.  Students develop skills in working with scientific apparatus and link physical science to theory and innovation.

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