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Design Technology


Design and Technology at KS3 focuses on the development of a varied range of material areas such as Textiles, Graphics and Resistant Materials with Electronics. Students will explore themed based projects in the 3 different material areas developing their knowledge of existing designers, artists and technological advances and be able to show inspiration through developing design ideas into final finished products.

There is a strong focus on the iterative design processes to analyse, design, develop, experiment and produce a final product to give students an opportunity to experience how design and technology is used in industry. Students will gain a wide range of skills and techniques that can be used to support studying Design and Technology at GCSE.


Students studying Design and Technology at KS4 will work towards completing a GCSE in AQA 3D Design.

The structure of the curriculum is about encouraging the students to refine and evidence their learning journey from KS3 to build on previous skills and techniques to develop a range of practical 3D products.

They will independently be able to show the iterative design process and explorations and experimentation of different ideas through research and observations by producing a range of project-based NEA assessments and will finish year 11 with a 10-hour practical exam.

 Short Stay DT

Students will complete a range of mini practical based projects enabling them to develop a range of skills and experiences of new and emerging technologies within Graphics, Textiles, Resistant Materials and Electronics. Students will develop their skills in team work, understanding of Health and Safety and how to develop and encourage creative thinking and the design process.

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