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Welcome to The Hub School


At The Hub School, we believe that literacy is the key to unlocking our learners’ true potential, enabling them to achieve and develop as readers and writers and take a full role in society as confident communicators. 

Learners of all abilities and ages are supported to engage with and experience a full range of texts, including writers such as Shakespeare, Dickens, Dahl, Blackman, Sissay and Zephaniah. We plan reading and writing experiences that nurture within learners a love of language and the written heritage that inspires modern writing, whilst encouraging students to respond critically, analytically and confidently to what they read. Texts are selected with thought and care; we sensitively shape the books, poems and texts that we choose to explore around the interests, abilities and needs of each class. 

The changing, specific literacy needs of all learners are closely monitored and responded to with a range of high- impact interventions, including: Accelerated Reader; 1:1 support; guided and peer reading as well as individual differentiation of texts and tasks within lesson. 


At Key Stage Three, English and Literacy is planned and structured thematically; each half term seeing learners explore a broad range of poetry, drama, fiction and non-fiction texts around a ‘big theme’. Examples of our themes are: Fables and Legends; Stories from War; Madness and Monsters and Dilemmas and Danger. The thematic approach to literacy supports students in recognising the genre, form and purpose of texts and supports them to compare fiction and non-fiction texts from different cultures and ages. Students are encouraged to discuss how texts have been used for different purposes throughout the world, whilst also considering their own cultural capital and what, in their lives, influences their literary preferences.  

Spelling, grammar and vocabulary are taught consistently throughout all learning sequences, supported by tutor time literacy games and activities. Learners enjoy regular opportunities to work as a team; create and deliver presentations; participate in a debate or discussion.  


Learners at The Hub School are supported to gain accreditation at Key Stage Four, at the highest level appropriate to their ability, through carefully personalised learning sequences that are fully differentiated to meet the needs of all. Our learners are supported to achieve AQA GCSE English Language, however some of our learners may find a Level 1 Functional Skills qualification more accessible. English specialists regularly monitor student progress to inform the most appropriate course and level of study for each individual.   

Students are introduced to exam terminology, questions and papers early in the course, to gradually build their confidence in structuring sustained responses to texts. The skills needed to succeed in the exam are developed carefully using a broad range of texts from different times, genres and cultures; including Shakespeare, Dickens, Bronte and Stoker. 

As at Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4 students are encouraged to support their own literacy by reading widely; opportunities are available during the school day where students can and are encouraged to read their own book or select a text from the Learning Resource Centre; including fiction and non-fiction books, comics, genre specific texts, current affairs articles, topical magazines and a range of internet-based texts.  

English Long Term Overview